• CRAMP911 - Muscle Relaxing Lotion for FAST Cramp Relief 21mL (Large Roll-on)

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    For fast relief of muscle cramps and spasms.  FDA Approved Homeopathic Ingredients. Made in the USA. Pharmacist developed.
    Two sizes available:  Large Roll-on (21 mL) and Small Roll-on (4.5 mL)

    This safe, fast-acting Homeopathic formula works in as little as 30 seconds to relax tense muscles. Just roll-on, rub-in and feel relief fast! Rapidly relieves and prevents leg cramps, muscle spasms, and pain due to muscle tightness. Use for night leg cramps, back spasms, cramps from playing sports, running, bicycle riding, or an every day muscle cramp or spasm in the leg, back, neck, foot, hand, etc.  Use before bedtime or activity to PREVENT cramps for up to 8 hours. 

    Very effective for chronic muscle spasms such as nighttime leg spasms or those related to conditions such as fibromyalgia and MS, and side effect muscle pain due to the use of statin drugs taken for cholesterol lowering. Cramp 911 doesn't just treat the symptoms like other analgesics, it penetrates into the muscle to treat the root cause to relieve and prevent the return of the cramp. 

    • TOPICAL - Easy to use roll-on applicator.  No need to take pills.
    • FAST Acting - Relief starts in as little as 15-30 seconds.
    • FDA Approved - Approved FDA homeopathic ingredients (Magnesium and Copper).
    • Preventative - Can be applied at bedtime to prevent nighttime cramps or before activity to prevent cramping or muscle tightness during and after activity.
    • Long Lasting - Patients have reported up to 8 hours of pain relief from cramp/spasm relief.
    • Homeopathic - Does not interact with other medications
    • Two sizes - Large Roll-on is great for night stand, athletic bag, tote.  Small Roll-on is perfect for a runner/bike pack, purse/briefcase, or keep in car for travel.  
    Directions for use:  (Adults 12 years and older)
    Apply Cramp911 to the ENTIRE muscle, not just the painful spot, and rub in.  To increase effectiveness, wipe as much perspiration off the area as possible before applying.  If necessary, repeat in 15 minutes.  If no improvement after second application or if symptoms return, see a doctor.  Make sure cap is on tight to prevent leakage. Store at room temperature.

    Do not use if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any ingredient in this product, have sensitive skin, or any skin disease.  Test by applying product to inner forearm and wait 30 minutes. If skin appears normal, proceed with directions. 
    Ask a doctor before use if you have diabetes or circulation problems or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    A few testimonials:
    "Cramp911 has been a god send for both me and my patients.  On the personal side, I have chronic cervical muscle spasm and had tried many treatments to no avail. I saw Cramp911 at my pharmacy and decided to try it. Cramp911 has been extremely effective in alleviating my tight neck muscles.  I prescribe Cramp911 frequently to patients with muscle cramps or spasm with excellent results.  I would and do highly recommend Cramp911." -- Beth A. Cohen, M.D., Board Certified in Neurology

    Cramp911 has been working great for me and our Football Team. I heard about it from a previous employer after he went to NATA a few years back. He told me about it’s unique benefit to halt cramping so quickly. This year, we purchased, a few vials. Our 2-a-day practices are over. I applied Cramp911 several times during the week of our 2-a-day practices. The athletes I used represent a diverse population. I observed the results after application and I concluded that Cramp911 was able to relieve most episodes of chronic cramping. It is NOW an important and very much readily utilized tool in my athletic training kit. Thank you Cramp911." --
    Chris Lemoine, LAT, ATC Martin High School ,Arlington , TX

    I love this product. I carry it with me on my long runs and have started to use it before I start to feel aches in my legs (around 10 miles) and it seems to really help. I continue to put more on every few miles and love how it works.

    I have ordered Cramp911 for my grandson, Logan Kerr, who plays football for Ashland University. Prior to using Cramp911 Logan would have whole body cramps as early as the third quarter of a game. Since using Cramp911, Logan has not had to come out of a game due to cramping. Cramp 911 lives up to it’s claims……
    Douglas Kerr, Ashland, OH

    Love this product! Nothing else worked for me before on my leg cramps with the exception of using hot compresses. Now I only need to roll on Cramp911 and within seconds my cramp goes away.
    Marie in Brooklyn NY
    Manufactured by: DelCorean, LLC
    Patent Pending
    Made in the USA.