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    Ohana Skin Care is made from only 4 skin-healing ingredients for rapid repair of a variety of dry skin conditions for the entire family. An effective and gentle ointment that heals and protects the skin.  Finally, soothing relief for your skin. 

    Does not contain any fragrance, dyes, parabens, alcohol, steroids, or other harmful chemicals.  

    Use for:

    Dry, cracked skin - hands, feet, anywhere it's needed
    Eczema/Psoriasis - mild to moderate (don't use on weeping eczema)
    Diaper Rash
    Minor Burns
    Chapped Lips
    Stage 1 Bed Sores
    After Sun Care 

    Directions for use:
    Apply to affected area, massaging to give good coverage and even distribution.  Ohana Skin Care may be applied every few hours as needed.  Also, apply directly after bathing and before bedtime - lightweight and fast absorbing.   
    Do not ingest. If some of the ointment comes in contact with your eyes, run under warm water for a few minutes.  Each individual component used in this product is regarded as safe for human and pet use.

    • No Animal Testing - ever!
    Just Four Ingredients:  
    1. Fully Refined White Petrolatum
    2. Panalane 
    3. Fractionated Coconut Oil
    4. Vitamin E

    Fragrance Free. Steroid free. Dye Free. Paraben Free. Alcohol Free.  

    For external use only.  Not for use on open wounds.
    Does not contain sunscreen. Great for after sun care.
    Manufactured by: Ohana Skin Care, LLC 
    Made in the USA

    Customer Testimonials


    Mabel B. in New Hampshire:

    I love it! Best thing I've used for chapped lips and my nails.


    Karen L. in Pennsylvania:

    We have a small dairy goat farm and, in the winter especially, my hands and feet get all dry, chapped and cracked from hauling water buckets, hay, grain, etc. I tried Ohana Skin Care and was amazed how quickly it healed my skin! Now I wear it as a protectant before I go out to the barn. I've even used it on my dairy girl's udders and it keeps them so soft and protected from the elements. Since it's un-scented, they don't get upset over a fragrance either...better than any other product I've tried for goats! This product is SO versatile!!  The girls and I say, "Thank you"!


    Grace R. in Florida:

    I spend a lot of time at the beach. The wind, sun and salt water does a number on my skin.  Ohana is a regular part of my post beach regimen.


    Justine S. in Pennsylvania:

    A friend of mine suggested I try this product when I got my last tattoo.  I have very sensitive skin and this stuff really worked fast to heal my new artwork.

    Irene B. in New Hampshire

    Thank you Ohana Skin Care! I have searched for years for a product that will make dried, chapped lips tolerable. Neither medicated balms nor constant lipstick wear would do the job. Eureka! One application of Ohana Skin Care showed great results! Congratulations on a much-needed marvelous product. You are now a constant presence on my dressing table.

    Carol R. in Arizona:

    I love my vegetable garden but my hands get pretty beat up pulling weeds.  I use Ohana at the end of the day and I love the results!

    Francine K. in California:

    I have twin toddlers.  Ohana is my "mother's little helper" to ward off diaper rash.  If you have kids in diapers, keep a jar handy at all times!

    Frank J. in Maryland:

    I have a touch of psoriasis on my elbows.  This is the only product that clears things up in a hurry!