• TekPal - Big Button TV Remote Control

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    Easy to see.  Easy to use.

    • Perfect gift for a loved one with poor vision or who has difficulty using small button TV remotes 
    • Offers less confusion, easier tv viewing
    • Palm-sized with 6 large lighted buttons
    • Compatible with TVs, Cable boxes, and Satellite boxes!!
    • Size: 5.5" x 2.75" x 1"
    • Weight: 5 ounce (with batteries) - requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

    Support Information:

    List of Compatible Devices

    Tek Pal Product Manual


    (for programming assistance call Big Button Remotes at: 813.871.0389 or email: info@bigbuttonremotes.com)

    1. Turn on the TV manually or using your old remote.

    2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button and the MUTE button together for approximately 3 seconds until the indicator light comes on. 

    3. Press and release the CH+ or CH- button until the TV turns off. Each time you press the CH+ or CH- button the remote will attempt the next code — when it finds the correct code, your TV will shut off 

    NOTE: You may have to press and release the CH+ or CH- many times, as there more than 100 potential codes in the remote — up to approximately five minutes. 

    4. Press the MUTE button immediately after the TV shuts off to complete set-up.

    5. Turn the TV back on.

    6. Test the VOL+, VOL-, CH+, CH-, and ON/OFF buttons.
    If any of the buttons do not work, proceed with set up procedure again to find a better code.